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  • Icon of dataexplore


    data plotting and analysis package

  • hello-pydump

    GNU Hello, the "hello world py" snap

  • Icon of GNOME Characters

    GNOME Characters

    A character map application

  • Icon of GNOME Logs

    GNOME Logs

    A log viewer for the systemd journal

  • gifcurry-ads20000

    Create animated GIFs, optionally overlaid with text, from video files.

  • sex-ga

    Simulating executions

  • Icon of litecoin-core


    Get your Litecoin Core up and running in a snap!

  • mcu-pro

    MCU Programming Tool

  • robottest

    robottest can let robot do many interesting things for us

  • n0name

    A better Reader on macOS and Linux. Built with Electron.

  • v2ray

    A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions.

  • crazypi-client

    Experimental client for Crazypi (

  • Icon of gotop


    A top like command line tool with Terminal UI

  • cc-tool

    Programming tool for TI CC series MCU

  • Icon of VCMI


    VCMI — Open-source engine for Heroes of Might and Magic III

  • Icon of briss


    Briss is a simple cross-platform application for cropping PDF files.

  • hadoop

    Hadoop it is

  • u1test-snap-with-tracks

    Summary of the most simple snap

  • monni

    Monni game server monitor and manager

  • books

    Handling limit order books.

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