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  • Icon of djv


    Movie playback software for use in film, VFX, and computer animation.

  • cpp-ethereum

    blockchain app platform

  • Icon of M.A.R.S. - a ridiculous shooter

    M.A.R.S. - a ridiculous shooter

    A 2D space shooter with awesome visual effects and attractive physics.

  • commento

    An open source, lightweight, privacy-focused comment engine.

  • znc-roadmr

    Advanced modular IRC bouncer

  • Icon of mgba


    mGBA Game Boy Advance Emulator

  • Icon of flacon-tabetai


    Flacon extracts tracks from one audio file containing the entire album of music and saves them as separate audio files.

  • nakacli

    CLI Client for Nakadi Edit

  • echse

    A cron daemon on RFC 5545 (ical) files.

  • hello-rhacs

    GNU Hello, the "hello world" snap

  • http-prompt-guilhem

    Interactive command-line HTTP client with autocomplete and syntax highlighting

  • sysrepo-netopeer-gen

    sysrepo and netopeer snap

  • torxakis

    A tool for testing systems using a model-based approach.

  • Icon of cheat


    cheat allows you to create and view interactive cheatsheets on the command-line.

  • domoticz

    Very light weight home automation system

  • solium

    A customizable, stand-alone linter for Ethereum Solidity

  • oiuho

    Single-line elevator pitch for your amazing snap

  • emulationstation

    Single-line elevator pitch for your amazing snap

  • QT Child ID

    QT-based Child ID System

  • sccache

    sccache is ccache with cloud storage

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