ZeroTier is a software-based managed Ethernet switch for planet Earth. Use it to connect your desktop clients, servers, phones, NAS, or even individual applications (using our SDK).

This snap contains ZeroTier One, a service that provides ZeroTier network connectivity and makes joining virtual networks as easy as joining IRC or Slack channels. Apps for Android and iOS are available for free in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

ZeroTier eliminates the LAN/WAN distinction and makes VPNs, tunnels, proxies, and other kludges arising from the inflexible nature of physical networks obsolete. Everything is encrypted end-to-end and traffic takes the most direct (peer to peer) path available.

Install (be sure to use sudo)

sudo snap install zerotier

Join your network

sudo zerotier join

Approve your new node in ZeroTier Central (! Welcome online!


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