It erases the LAN/WAN distinction and makes VPNs, tunnels, proxies, and other kludges arising from the inflexible nature of physical networks obsolete. Everything is encrypted end-to-end and traffic takes the most direct (peer to peer) path available. This snap contains ZeroTier One, a service that provides ZeroTier network connectivity and makes joining virtual networks as easy as joining IRC or Slack channels. Visit ZeroTier's site for more information and pre-built binary packages. Apps for Android and iOS are available for free in the Google Play and Apple app stores.


sudo snap install zerotier
sudo snap connect zerotier:network-control

NOTE: the snap connect command is necessary or you will be unable to use the /dev/tun needed for the connection.

Join your network

sudo zerotier.cli join 8056c2e21c000001
sudo zerotier.cli status

Approve your new node in ZeroTierCentral ! Welcome online!

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