• Zoom-able map.
  • Map can be generated in cyclic mode to simulate world without borders.
  • Application configuration stored in XML file.
  • Allows to save and load game to game file in XML format with extension .xtg.
  • Localization support (English, Czech)
  • High DPI support.
  • Multiple map cell shapes as hexagons, squares, triangles, isometric, and random mesh.
  • Bridges between remote cells visible as lines.
  • Multiple players support. Players can have different color and other starting properties.
  • Application automatically open saved game file given as command line parameter after execution.
  • Computer player settings to be low, medium or highly aggressive in attacking.
  • Use Shift key during mouse click to attack maximum available power is moved without dialog confirmation.
  • Use Control key during mouse click to move with maximum one time and repeated unit counts to selected target cell.
  • Game option "Fog of war" which cause map to be covered to black and only explored cells will be visible.
  • Auto save game to file option in settings.
  • Map shape can be selected as Rectangular, Rounded or mask from image file.
  • Support for symmetric map usable for two players game.
  • Confirmation dialog for ending game.
  • Support for switching large icons in toolbar.
  • Support for cities. Cities can configured to be used as only growing cells.
  • Allows to set grow rate as square root of cell power.
  • Amount of inaccessible cells can be adjusted in New game dialog.
  • Player mode human or computer.
  • Graph window can be shown from menu which presents development of various statistic values during game turns.
  • Load recent menu action to load recently opened/saved files.


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