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Inspiration is always fleeting. The first snapshot of a moment is worth being collected with XMind, a full-featured and cross-platform mind mapping and brainstorming solution for everyone. Dedicate to mind mapping for over a decade, XMind represents our unique understanding of mind mapping tool.


  • Original Built-in Templates: Choose from our built-in template, or template sharing by XMind users from all over the world.
  • Various Structures: From Balance Sheet, to Fishbone Chart, Matrix, Timeline, there is always the right template for recording your ideas.
  • Mix and Match: Two is better than one. We always support structure combination so that your ideas can be fit in well tailored suits.
  • Theme Editor: Create your personal theme, and define the topic, text, and brach line. Save and apply now or later.


  • Outliner: A new way to view, organize and manage the topics. Switch Outliner and Mind Map back and forth helps you to read your work from different perspectives.
  • All New UI - CREAM: The redesigned UI allows you to concentrate on what you’re doing. It’s subtle but just right for everything.
  • Dark UI: XMind 2020 supports Dark Mode on any desktop platform. Switch the interface between light and dark in Preferences easily.
  • ZEN Mode: An immersive way of editing mind map. Night mode and timer help you to drench in your mind.
  • Topic Link: Two topics can be linked and transitioned to each other instantly via a simple click.
  • Quick Entry: Create mind maps from a simple note instantly.
  • Show Branch Only: Focus, edit and modify on the topic you want, no matter it’s a main topic or subtopic.
  • Elaborate & Decorate: Elaborate to widen your topic, insert images, audio note, label, hyperlink, etc. Choose markers and stickers to make mind mapping fancy and comprehensive.


  • Enhanced Image Export: Export All at a Click: Export different sheets at once with a click.
  • Multiple Formats: Export your map to PNG, SVG, PDF, Markdown, OPML, Textbundle.
  • Customize the Export: Choose the scale of the PNG export, and you can even set it with transparent background for further usage.
  • Share with your friends on social media platforms. Public link and private link meet your needs for special occasion.

_Let us know if you have any feedback, or if we can help in any way at xmind-2020@xmind.net.


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