XBTS is a Multi-chain decentralized exchange and DeFi operating at BitShares blockchain since 2018. XBTS is a leading-edge Dex for trade, DeFi, staking, exchange, holding cryptocurrencies, Cross-Chain transactions, and an entry point to volumes of decentralized markets.

Quick registration of an account in the blockchain. Your account at XBTS is your address in BitShares Blockchain. Save the passphrase issued by the blockchain during registration in a safe place!

The XBTS APPs do not store your data! Only you have access to your account. No one other than you holds your keys. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the entire history of your account is available in Block Explorer.


XBTS Multi-Chain DESKTOP CLIENT allows you to have quick access to your blockchain account, monitor the prices, conveniently and securely store assets, cross-chain assets transfers, and exchange your assets to BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, USDC, DOGE, STH, HIVE, HBD, RVN, BNB, BUSD, PPC, EOS, TRX, TUSD, UNI, XRP, BAT, BCH, FIL, DASH, EMC, GRS, MDL, NMC, NVC, ONION, PIVX, POST, SKY, SCH, BCCX, HT, BUSD, WAVES, NESS, TRD, 42-coin…

BLOCKCHAIN GUARANTEES Instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency with blockchain guarantees. Each trading operation is recorded in the blockchain. Transaction confirmation time of just 3 seconds. Low fees. Providing services in 99% of countries all over the globe. No single point of failure.

Open XBTS DESKTOP CLIENT and register or import your account on the BitShares blockchain. No one other than you holds your keys! The APP does not store your data. If you lose your passphrase, it cannot be recovered. Save the passphrase in a safe place. You can always check your account and all transactions in the BitShares BlockExplorer.

FREE TRADING BOTS Enjoy free trading bots. Make your trading automatic. XBTS is the most advanced Dex exchange!

HOLD AND EARN CryptoHolders trying to maximize gains, or a frequent trader who wants to take a break from trading, can use the XBTS Dex tools and gain up to 50 % of the trade profit by the SmartHolder program and increase the balance of Bitcoins and Altcoins regardless of how the market moves.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM Get up to 80 % of trading fees in popular cryptocurrencies, every time your friends make a trade on XBTS. Invite friends and earn Crypto together.

FOR DEVELOPERS AND ALGOTRADERS Use the entire power of open source DEX API libraries in creating personal trading bots and business DAPPs.

XBTS DESKTOP CLIENT is a Progressive Cross-Platform Web/Online/Desktop APP.

Official website https://xbts.io

DEX https://ex.xbts.io

DeFi https://app.xbts.io

GitHub https://github.com/XBTS

Snapcraft https://snapcraft.io/xbts

Telegram https://t.me/xbtsio


sudo snap install xbts-light


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