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XBTS DeFi Wallet based on DPoS Blockchain BitShares


  • Transaction confirmation 3 seconds
  • DEX + DeFi
  • Stablecoins, Fiat, Bitcoin & Altcoins available
  • Low fees
  • High APY
  • SmartHolder Staking
  • Automated Market Maker (AMM)

-Next Generation DeFi platform - DeFi AMMOB

-DeFi AMMOB - DeFi with Automated Market Maker Order Book

Help https://community.smartholdem.io/topic/904/defi-ammob-defi-with-automated-market-maker-order-book


  • add search by all pools
  • option create pool
  • total cost wallet
  • add pool BTS/TRD (XBTSX.TRDLP)
  • add vol24
  • add APY sort
  • fix CNY symbol
  • fix create account on mobile


  • add translates
  • add total liquidity in fiat (usd,eur,cny,rub)
  • format asset prefix
  • total amount in pools
  • add pool BTC/EOS
  • add Pool Info in mobile app
  • mobile favorites defi
  • add pool BTS/HIVE
  • add pool BTC/HIVE
  • update wallet section
  • add pools APY
  • add SmartHolder APY
  • add pool stats

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