This is an emulator for the Commander X16 computer system. You can find out more about the Commander X16 computer in the following videos. * * You can start `x16emu` either by clicking the icon on the desktop menu or from the command line. The latter allows you to specify additional arguments. When starting x16emu without arguments, it will pick up the system ROM (`rom.bin`) bundled with the snap. The system ROM filename/path can be overridden with the `-rom` command line argument. `-keymap` tells the KERNAL to switch to a specific keyboard layout. Use it without an argument to view the supported layouts. `-sdcard` lets you specify an SD card image (partition table + FAT32). `-prg` lets you specify a .prg file that gets injected into RAM after start. `-bas` lets you specify a BASIC program in ASCII format that automatically typed in (and tokenized). `-run` executes the application specified through -prg or -bas using RUN or SYS, depending on the load address. `-echo` causes all KERNAL/BASIC output to be printed to the host's terminal. Enable this and use the BASIC command "LIST" to convert a BASIC program to ASCII (detokenize). `-log` enables one or more types of logging (e.g. -log KS): K: keyboard (key-up and key-down events) S: speed (CPU load, frame misses) V: video I/O reads and writes `-debug` enables the debugger. Run `x16emu -h` to see all command line options. This is an unofficial build made with ♥️ from the following sources. * * * The yaml used to generate this snap can be found at * Find out more at

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