This snap provides WINE runtime base via content interface to be used by other snaps that are depended on WINE so snap developers that create WINE snaps can leverage this base snap to connect their WINE snaps.


Snap provides WINE runtime libraries that can be used by these snaps.

• wine-platform-3-stable • wine-platform-4-stable • wine--platform-4-devel • wine--platform-4-staging

Currently powering the following snaps that are using this snap:

• anifx • anituner • cncra • cncra2yr • cnctsun • fooba2000 • irfanview • leagueoflegends • liveforspeed • multicommander • notepad-plus-plus • notepad3 • pspad • resourcehacker • utorrent • winsnap

Note: This snap does not provides any ability to run WIN applications from itself but it only shares libraries and other pkg releases PATHS that are available via content interface.

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