An unofficial GUI frontend for the script. A community service project for our fellow Linux using Singaporeans by Custom Automated Systems ® Pte Ltd.

To use:

  1. Enter your phone number (you must keep the prefix of 65 in front)
  2. Enter your date of birth in mm/dd/yy format (ya, I know we normally use dd/mm/yyyy but this is due to WxWidgets, not my fault hor)
  3. Click Register!
  4. Wait for the prompt to enter the SMS OTP (it can take quite a while even after you've got the SMS)
  5. Enter the SMS OTP and click OK
  6. Connect to the Wireless@SGx WiFi network in your distro, copying and pasting the User ID and Password as provided by the app
  7. Any other output and/or error messages will be displayed in the corresponding boxes in the Credentials tab.

For documentation on the advanced options, please check out (not done by me).

For any bug reports, please submit them on the issues page at

Have fun!


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