The JSON Language server provides language-specific smarts for editing, validating and understanding JSON documents. It runs as a separate executable and implements the language server protocol to be connected by any code editor or IDE.

The server implements the following capabilities of the language server protocol:

  • Code completion for JSON properties and values based on the document's JSON schema or based on existing properties and values used at other places in the document. JSON schemas are configured through the server configuration options.
  • Hover for values based on descriptions in the document's JSON schema.
  • Document Symbols for quick navigation to properties in the document.
  • Document Colors for showing color decorators on values representing colors and Color Presentation for color presentation information to support color pickers. The location of colors is defined by the document's JSON schema. All values marked with "format": "color-hex" (VSCode specific, non-standard JSON Schema extension) are considered color values. The supported color formats are #rgb[a] and #rrggbb[aa].
  • Code Formatting supporting ranges and formatting the whole document.
  • Folding Ranges for all folding ranges in the document.
  • Semantic Selection for semantic selection for one or multiple cursor positions.
  • Goto Definition for $ref references in JSON schemas
  • Diagnostics (Validation) are pushed for all open documents
    • syntax errors
    • structural validation based on the document's JSON schema.

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