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Upswift provides comprehensive management and maintenance tools for remote Linux devices.

Installing guide:

1 - Register to Upswift platform -

2 - Go over the onboarding and open a project.

3 - Install the snap. To install the snap you need to connect the following interfaces:

sudo snap connect upswift-strict:hardware-observe
sudo snap connect upswift-strict:log-observe
sudo snap connect upswift-strict:mount-observe
sudo snap connect upswift-strict:process-control
sudo snap connect upswift-strict:shutdown
sudo snap connect upswift-strict:system-backup
sudo snap connect upswift-strict:system-observe
sudo snap connect upswift-strict:network-observe

Optional: You can pre-set a name for the device (defaults to "New Device"). sudo snap set upswift-strict device-name="<device-name>"

4 - To connect the device to your upswift account set your credentials and project: sudo snap set upswift-strict user-token="<user-token from the upswift platform>" project="<project-name>"

The user token and project name can be found under the Upswift account settings:

User token: click on Settings -> Account -> Show Account Token.

Project name - click on Settings -> Project -> copy the name of the project you have created.


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