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Unleash is a productivity tool that integrates to some of the most widely used applications, allowing you to quickly search and locate all the scattered pieces of your data, across your cloud resources.

With easy searching, Unleash liberates you from the manual grunt work of sifting through various programs, applications, folders and email chains to find what you are looking for. You choose which apps you would like to integrate and whether you would like to connect your business or personal accounts, or both. The apps features include: dedicated views for your calendar, favorite resources and files, calculator for fluid calculations and conversions as well as quick actions to log bugs, start a new email and create documents. More and more people around the world are needing a calm and orderly productivity tool to manage the data chaos they are used to and allow them to Unleash productivity, enhance their performance and reach their true potential.

Unleash supports all your favorite cloud apps: Gmail, Google Drive, DropBox, Slack, Teams, Outlook,Github, AWS, Azure, Trello, Notion, and 30+ other apps


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