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It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing.


This game is developed by the UltraStar España team. You can find in our website https://ultrastar-es.org thousand of songs, info and help about it.

If you want to follow the development of the next version please visit our GitHub https://github.com/ultrastares/ultrastar-worldparty


You can find in the snap folder ~/snap/ultrastar-worldparty/current/.ultrastar-worldparty the config.ini or the default song folder or the playlist folder.

To add another song folder use the SongDir1 option in the config.ini, all paths of your home or your system default mount folders (i.e. /media in *ubuntu distros) are allowed.


The game has enabled permissions to access to some parts of your computer. The most important are:

  • The USB or Bluetooth to use a wired or wireless microphone, gamepad, joystick or keyboard.
  • The webcam to see your image as the background while you are singing instead of the original song video.
  • The network to connect to UltraStar España to download or send scores.


If you find a problem and receive an error message with strange numbers and letters, you must use the debug executable and repeat the steps to reproduce it and get an human readable message.

To do it put in your terminal: snap run ultrastar-worldparty-debug.

After this please report the error in our GitHub https://github.com/ultrastares/ultrastar-worldparty or in the forum of our website https://ultrastar-es.org/foro


If you have a support question please search it in our forum https://ultrastar-es.org/foro or create a new thread if you can't find it.

It's a Spanish forum and if you know our language is perfect, but we can answer in English and some collaborators can do it in French but the others are preferable.


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