This snap contains the Wayland on-screen keyboard Squeekboard, modified and packaged such that it can run on Ubuntu Frame.

This is currently under development

There's still some work to do integrating with Ubuntu Frame, but it is possible to experiment by doing some configuration manually.

snap install ubuntu-frame

Enable Wayland extensions used by the OSK:

snap set ubuntu-frame config="add-wayland-extensions=zwlr_layer_shell_v1:zwp_virtual_keyboard_v1:zwp_input_method_v2"

Ensure ubuntu-frame-osk is installed from edge:

snap refresh --edge ubuntu-frame-osk

Ensure ubuntu-frame-osk:wayland is connected (this is not necessary on Ubuntu Core):

snap connect ubuntu-frame-osk:wayland

Run Ubuntu Frame (this is not necessary on Ubuntu Core, or if you've enabled the daemon):

WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-99 ubuntu-frame

Run Ubuntu Frame OSK using the same Wayland display (this is not necessary on Ubuntu Core):

WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-99 ubuntu-frame-osk

And finally run a Wayland app that is compatible with on-screen keyboards and accepts keyboard input using the same Wayland display. We use wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk here, but it could be any compatible snap or non-snap application.

snap install wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk snap set wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk url= WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-99 wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk.cog

The on-screen keyboard should appear, and allow you to type in the window using your mouse or touchscreen.

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