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The Ubuntu Accomplishments system provides a simple, cohesive way to browse different opportunities in the Ubuntu community and beyond, find out how to participate and accomplish them, and see different accomplishments in one place.

Ubuntu Accomplishments requires a beta feature of snapd to operate correctly. To enable this feature, run the following before installing Ubuntu Accomplishments:

sudo snap set system experimental.user-daemons=true

The original Ubuntu Accomplishments was written by Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge along with numerous trophy contributors. It has now been completely rewritten by Dani Llewellyn using Dart and Flutter. The trophies are handled by python scripts which are largely unchanged from their state as at the original project's disbandment in 2013 when Ubuntu One File Synchronisation service, which the system originally relied upon, went away.

Because we do not use a file synchronisation service any more you are free to choose your own, or even work without a synchronisation service for your trophy files. The trophies are saved to your home directory at $HOME/snap/ubuntu-accomplishments/common/trophies. You may add this folder to your preferred sync service such as Nextcloud or Dropbox to keep your trophies synchronised across your Ubuntu systems.

This is very much a beta release which might contain bugs that I've introduced during the porting to Flutter and Dart. Also, at this early release some of the accomplishments might be broken or irrelevant. Please report any bugs you find to https://github.com/UbuntuAccomplishments/accomplishments-snap/issues.


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