TurboWarp is a mod of Scratch 3, the programming language targeted primarily for children, with a compiler, dark mode, and many optional addons to improve the editor including:

  • Developer tools
  • Block switching
  • Searchable dropdowns
  • Onion skinning
  • Pause button
  • Folders for sprites, costumes, and sounds
  • Display stage on left side
  • Cat blocks
  • and more

Optional - As snaps are sandboxed, you may have to grant additional permissions to enable features that use the camera, microphone, or gamepads:

snap connect turbowarp-desktop:camera snap connect turbowarp-desktop:audio-record snap connect turbowarp-desktop:joystick

TurboWarp is also available in your web browser at Other downloads are available at

TurboWarp is not affiliated with Scratch, the Scratch Team, or the Scratch Foundation.

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