With Tockler you can go back in time and see what you were working on. You can get information on what apps were used - exactly at what time - and what title the application had at that moment. This is enough to determine when and how much you did something.


Track how you spent your time on a computer. Tockler tracks active applications usage and computer state. It records active application titles. It tracks idle, offline and online state. You can see this data with nice interactive timeline chart.


Analyze your computer usage. See your total online time today, yesterday or any other day. In monthly calendar views and with charts.

Dark mode

Dark Mode support. Can automatically change when OS mode changes. You can click here to change screenshots to dark ones.

Local data

Works without internet access. All data is stored locally on your device. You can search items and all data is exportable to CSV.


Configure notifications to be fired if an application with a required title is opened.


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