TiMidity++ with more optional soundfonts: freepats, fluidr3_gm, fluidr3_gs, ms_general, opl3, timgm6mb.

TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer. It can play MIDI files by converting them into PCM waveform data; give it a MIDI data along with digital instrument data files, then it synthesizes them in real-time, and plays. It can not only play sounds, but also can save the generated waveforms into hard disks as various audio file formats.

TiMidity++ is a free software, distributed under the terms of GNU general public license.

example of converter: timidity-fat.cli input.mid -OF -o out.FLAC -c $SNAP/etc/timidity/freepats.cfg

more usages: timidity-fat.cli -h

build details:


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