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Thincast Client is a free multi-platform RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Client with FreeRDP at it's core that allows you to connect to a Remote PC or to virtual applications and desktops.

It offers features like built-in support for redirecting webcams and smart cards, configuring remote apps, regular security updates and hardware-accelerated video decoding to extend the battery life of your device, ideal when working on the go.

As of today, we are the main contributor to the FreeRDP project. In the last months we spent days and nights looking for bugs and implementing new features, which directly benefit the further development of FreeRDP.

How to install

sudo snap install thincast-client

How to run

Start the application from the command line:

snap run thincast-client



Keychain, local removable media, microphone support, printer and video redirection

When using Thincast Client with Snapcraft some features are not auto-connected and must be connected manually:

snap connect thincast-client:password-manager-service

snap connect thincast-client:removable-media

snap connect thincast-client:cups-control

snap connect thincast-client:audio-record

snap connect thincast-client:camera

The full documentation can be found here:

Tested Setups

We have tested a lot of different platforms and setups, but we’d love to hear your feedback from using Thincast Remote Desktop Client.

** Reporting feedback **

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