uvtool provides a unified and integrated VM front-end to Ubuntu cloud image downloads, libvirt, and cloud-init.

uvt-kvm uses the volume storage pool maintained by uvt-simplestreams-libvirt(1) as a basis to provide quick start and management of Ubuntu VMs by wrapping libvirt and cloud- init.

uvt-kvm is not intended to wrap all possible use cases. Where possible, it provides access to some more advanced cases using options to override entire sections of default op‐ eration, such as the ability to directly override the backing volume image used, the libvirt domain definition, cloud-init metadata and userdata, and directly provide a net‐ work-config file. For yet more complex cases, it is expected that the user will call libvirt directly (for example by using virsh(1)), and use uvt-kvm for only the simpler operations required on affected VMs. See ADVANCED OVERRIDE OPTIONS and ADVANCED USAGE for details.

In the current state this isn't exposing the full capabilities of qemu/libvirt/uvtool, but instead is meant to be used for consumption by the checkbox verification framework.

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