telega.el is full featured unofficial client for Telegram platform for GNU Emacs.


  • Listing chats, reordering chats according to internal Telegram order

  • Getting info about users, groups and supergroups

  • Joining chats by invitation link M-x telega-chat-join-by-link RET

  • Fetching chat history, sending messages, replies, edits, deleting

  • Creating new groups, upgrading basicgroup to supergroup

  • Forwarding messages

  • D-Bus notifications on incoming messages in chats with enabled notifications

  • VoIP calls, including D-Bus call notification

  • Downloading files from the cloud

  • Uploading files/media (also pasting images from clipboard) to the cloud

  • Display chat actions, such as "@user is typing..."

  • Display/Update chat's draft message

  • Company backends for emoji (: syntax), usernames, hashtags, bot commands completions

  • Secret chats

  • Online global searching chats/contacts/messages

  • Avatars, Photos, Stickers

  • Animated GIF, via ffplay

  • Special messages such as location/live location, voice/video messages, contacts, etc (PARTLY)

  • Poll messages, Poll creation

  • Handling local links, such as "tg:" or "" (PARTLY)

  • ReplyMarkup (inline keyboard buttons) in the messages (PARTLY)

  • InstantView for web pages

  • Blocking/Unblocking users, listing blocked users

  • Inline bots requests, via "@bot query"

    After installing:

  • Create an alias for telega-server

    sudo snap alias telega.telega-server telega-server

  • Add to your emacs configuration

    (add-to-list 'load-path "/snap/telega/current/share/emacs/site-lisp/telega/") (require 'telega)


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