Tauno-Serial-Plotter is simple serial plotter for Arduino and others.

Note: In order to access USB devices, you need to:

  • Give the app permission "Access USB hardware directly" in Ubuntu Software Store. Or manually:

snap connect tauno-serial-plotter:raw-usb

  • Add your user to the dialout group. Open a terminal window, run the following command and reboot your computer.

sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER

Now restart your computer and you're good to go!

If nothing's helps then install it with '--devmode'.

$ sudo snap install --devmode tauno-serial-port --channel=beta

Incoming data should be string. Ending with new line character. Numbers (int and float) can be separated with almost any character.

Like: [ label2la15be17el28/31/42/54 78 ] or [ a2b1.5c1.7d2.8/3.1/4.2/5.4 7.8 ] But not with [ - ] unless it is a negative number. Script will extracts all numbers and generate graphs.


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