To install the snap from the store use:

snap install sushi-snap

then manually connect the following interfaces:

snap connect sushi-snap:alsa snap connect sushi-snap:home snap connect sushi-snap:process-control


To run sushi-snap:

  • Plug-in your USB midi keyboard

  • Restart services

snap restart sushi-snap.jackd snap restart sushi-snap.sushi snap restart sushi-snap.connect-keyboard

  • ... play!


  • sushi-snap is shipped with jackd and MDA JX10 VST3 plugin.
  • if you want to change sushi or jackd command line, you can view/change with snap get / snap set

$ snap get sushi-snap Key Value jackd-cmd-line -d alsa sushi-cmd-line -j --connect-ports -c /root/snap/sushi- snap/x1/VST3/config_play_vst3_desktop.json

$ snap set sushi-snap jackd-cmd-line="your custom command line" $ snap set sushi-snap sushi-cmd-line="your custom command line"

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