This is a tool for making project plan and manage project progress. In this software, you can input all tasks and set the tasks' start time and end time, and the software will draw the Gantt Chart for you automatically. After your project has begin, you can input the actual start time and actual end time for every task, and the software will calculate the rest tasks' predict start time and predict end time.

The method of making project plan:

  1. When assigning each task, only determine who to do it and It will take him how many days to do it. Therefore, the software only needs to set the previous tasks and planning days of each task to complete making project plan.

  2. The planning start date: it is provided to set a special task which can only start at a certain date for the project manager.

  3. The software does not provide the function of setting the task end date, because the task end date is derived from the task start date and planning days and does not need to be entered.

  4. During the project progresses, the project manager can regularly enter the actual end date of each task, and the software will automatically calculate and predict the actual end date of each remaining task (i.e. predict or actual end date).

  5. Key points: in the relevant date time setting of each task'a plan, the software can only enter: previous tasks, planning days, planning start date&time, actual start date&time and actual end date&time.

It's a useful tool for all the participaters of any project.

Thanks for your using.

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