A light version of SunBible for desktop! Or is this a beta version of SunBible? Some things that make the light version different from the normal desktop version: SunBible lite is basicly an iframe of the website. So that means it won't work offline. But hey. Since it is an iframe of the website I can include shortcut links to more SunBible pages and also the app should not have to be updated as often! SunBible lite includes SunBible Wallpaper and SunBible Audio. Two feautes that are not in the regular desktop version!

Beware SunBible lite can be or might be unstable at times. It should be considered the beta version of SunBible. I may make changes here first that I will then bring the regular version of the SunBible desktop app. If you want to use the regular version just search the snap store for SunBible.

Also I am terrible at descriptions. Here is a nice little summary: SunBible is... A simply beautiful place to read, study, and memorize the Bible. Also, it is the KJV. One thing I encourage you to do in 2021 is to find a nice quiet place to read and study God's word! Well, that is it. I hope you enjoy using SunBible. Feel free to leave feedback!

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