Spring Engine is a game engine for RTS styles games, designed after the now classic game Total Annihilation.

The snap contains:

  • SpringLobby
  • The tool pr-downloader that you can use to download engines, games, maps and so on
  • The latest engine, the game Zero-K and a map is included out of the box to make it playable.

The lobby can be used to easily launch single or multiplayer games. It has also a built in utility to download games, maps and other tings from users. If you prefer to use pr-downloader, the command is For example, to download the latest release of BA type ba:stable (Balanced Annihilation is a popular game that is similar to the original Total Annihilation).


The package is named springlobby-nsg. The default channel "stable" contains verified builds. The "edge" channel are automatically built and are untested, this channel should always contain the latest release.

install stable release (recommended)

snap install springlobby-nsg

test the edge release

snap install --edge springlobby-nsg # new install snap refresh --edge springlobby-nsg # switch from stable to edge


This is an unofficial package of SpringLobby. The lobby in the Ubuntu repositories was so old so it was not possible to connect to the official server for online play. I created this snap back in early 2017 for my own use, but published it for everybody to use.


If you have found bugs that you think is related to snap, feel free to open an issue at the code repository at


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