SonoBus is an easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network.

Simply choose a unique group name (with optional password), and instantly connect multiple people together to make music, remote sessions, podcasts, etc. Easily record the audio from everyone, as well as playback any audio content to the whole group.

Connects multiple users together to send and receive audio among all in a group, with fine-grained control over latency, quality and overall mix. Includes optional input compression, noise gate, and EQ effects, along with a master reverb. All settings are dynamic, network statistics are clearly visible.

If you use Jack on your host, also connect the jack1 interface:

snap connect sonobus:jack1

If not using Jack on your host, you may use alsa instead:

snap connect sonobus:alsa

There's also a server snap called aooserver which you can find at

An unofficial snap built with ❤︎ by Alan Pope using configuration at from the upstream project source from


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