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Save your often used text snippets and then expand them whenever you type their abbreviation.

For example:- "spr`" expands to "Snippet Pixie rules!"

For non-accessible applications such as browsers and Electron apps, there's a shortcut (default is Ctrl+`) for opening a search window that pastes the selected snippet.

The Search and Paste window, opened with Ctrl+` (can be changed), is very convenient for quickly finding and pasting snippets, and shows the most recently used snippets first for quick access. Using Shift+Return or Shift+Click on an entry in the Search and Paste window will Shift+Ctrl+V paste, great for terminal emulators, vim etc.

Snippets can be imported and exported in a simple JSON format.

Supports placeholders:-

All placeholders are delimited (wrapped) by "$$", with the placeholder name starting with an "@" symbol. For example, today's date can be inserted with "\(@date\)".


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