sleek is a simple todo manager based on the concept of todo.txt. That means you will use a simple but powerful syntax to add contexts and projects to your todos, you will prioritize them and set due dates. According to this input you will be able to filter and search your todos. There is no cloud integration, but as sleek writes your data to a plain text file, you can put it anywhere you want. That also means if you don't have sleek at hand or if you don't like it anymore you can just edit the todo.txt file with any text editor or other todo.txt application.

Help to improve sleek

If you want to help this project you can do so by translating it into your language, report bugs or request features if you have some good ideas. Just reach out to me on Github:


  • An existing todo.txt file can be used or a new one can be created
  • Todos can be
    • added
    • edited
    • marked as complete (and vice versa)
    • deleted
  • Completed todos can be shown or hidden
  • Todos are grouped by priority
  • Todos are sorted by due date within their priorities
  • Todos can be enriched by
    • Contexts
    • Projects
    • Due dates
    • Start dates
  • Todos can be filtered by contexts and projects
  • Filters are sorted alphanummerically
  • Todos can be looked up using full-text search
  • A due date can be set using a datepicker
  • Hyperlinks are detected automatically and can be clicked using the icon
  • Todos that include either contexts or projects can be shown or hidden
  • Dark and light mode can be toggled
  • A file watcher rereads the file if it has been changed
  • Multiple languages are automatically detected
    • German
    • English
    • Italian
  • Useful tabindex
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts are available:
    • New todo: CMD/CTRL + n
    • Find todo: CMD/CTRL + f
    • Open file: CMD/CTRL + o
    • Show or hide completed todos: CMD/CTRL + h
    • Toggle dark mode: CMD/CTRL + d

To be done

  • Notification function for due dates
  • Extensive testing & bug fixing
  • Improvements on older hardware
  • Code refinement and better error handling
  • Interactive guidance when adding new todos


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