Show temperature at your location as well as your city, country, and which day is today.

As an experimental option, you could see predictions for weather temperatures for the next 1, 7, 10 days.

If your city not in DB, you will see all predictions are equal to temperature, which you got by the first visit. Each day for each available city in the DB script will update the parameter of temperature. And for each city script will create a machine learning model to predict temperature for the next 1, 7, 10 days.

From 1 to 10 observation LinearRegression model will be used for predictions in your city. After 10 days, a more complex RNN model will be used for predictions in your city.

Code for backend part host on Heroku free dyno, so if you got 'connection was closed because 'full header was received' - just close and open app again. Server starting up time around 30sec - 1min from sleep. After 30 min of inactivity, server will go to sleep again.

If you want to know how it's working under the hood by looking into the code - welcome to visit github repo for backend( and frontend( parts


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