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Ansible Semaphore is beautiful web interface for running Ansible playbooks. If your project has grown and deploying from the terminal is no longer for you then Ansible Semaphore is what you need.

Semaphore doesn't use system installed git and ansible, it works in Strict mode ( Semaphore has access to /root/snap/sempahore and /tmp directories only.

After installation semaphore will be available by http://localhost:3000.

After installation you should add new user by command:

sudo snap stop semaphore sudo semaphore user add --admin --name "Your Name" --login your_login --email [email protected] --password your_password sudo snap start semaphore You can use Snap Configuration ( to setup semaphore. For example, to change semaphore port to 4444 use command:

sudo snap set semaphore port=4444 sudo snap restart semaphore



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