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Scraterpreter is an interpreter that runs Scratch projects. Use Scrapec to compile .sb3 (Scratch Project) files to .scrape files, then use Scrape to run .scrape files.

Some use-cases for Scraterpreter:

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For anyone who's having trouble running this application, this is a command-line application, NOT a graphical application. Sorry for not making that clear on this Snap listing. You can find detailed usage instructions on the GitHub page (

Before you can run a Scratch project using the commands described in the next section, you have to add the following lines to your shell's startup script file (e.g. ~/.bashrc if you're using bash):

alias scrape=scraterpreter.scrape

alias scrapec=scraterpreter.scrapec

Now, to run a Scratch project, first use scrapec to compile your project into a .scrape file, then use scrape to run the .scrape file:

scrapec yourproject.sb3

scrape yourproject.scrape


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