SCID vs. PC is a Chess Toolkit Shane's Chess Information Database is a powerful Chess Toolkit, with which one can create huge databases, run chess engines, and play casual games against the computer or online with the Free Internet Chess Server. It was originally written by Shane Hudson, and has received strong contribution from Pascal Georges and others.

Scid vs. PC began with bug-fixes for the computer-versus-player features of Scid (hence the name), but has evolved into a solid alternative with many new features and interfaces. The project is authored by Stevenaaus and numerous contributors

** Source

svn checkout scidvspc-code

** Environment

TCLTK_BPATH= $SNAP/usr/share/tcltk



TCLLIBPATH= $SNAP/usr/lib/tcltk $SNAP/usr/lib/tcltk/x86_64-linux-gnu $TCLLIBPATH

** Home

The AppWorkingDir is user's $HOME/snap/scidvspc-hkvc/

$SNAP_USER_DATA points to this AppWorkingDir.

** ToRun

type scidvspc-hkvc.scidvspc in a console/terminal

stockfish available in $SNAP/usr/games/

** Sound

Snap doesnt auto connect the alsa interface to snaps. The user is required to explicitly connect the snap's alsa plug to the system's alsa interface.

For this run the below

sudo snap connect scidvspc-hkvc:alsa

NOTE> If there is a issue with sound folders setup, cross verify that the sounds folder under options->sounds is set to


** Network FICS Ping

One needs to run

sudo snap connect scidvspc-hkvc:network-observe

to allow the snap to use ping (FICS server), else it will give a error dialog, when connecting to FICS.

** Source for this snap packaging

the snap directory used by snapcraft to generate this snap package is in $SNAP/usr/share/doc/scidvspc-hkvc/

You will also find this among my repositories.

** Version

The snap package version contains the svn revision number of scidvspc within it. If manually building the snap, it will try to pick the latest revision of the code.

** In this Release

Sound, Figurines font, tDom, Network (FICS), ...

Check Changelog for details including previous releases


This is just a experimental snap packaging of scid_vs_pc by HanishKVC


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