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If you found that the snap does not work for you open an issue with this template: 'https://github.com/Rhyme-Player/App/issues/new?labels=snap&template=bug_report.md'


  • Supports: mp3, opus, ogg, wav, aac, m4a and webm.
  • Install themes made by the community
  • Home: Contains your local installed music reads music from default music folder change this in settings
  • Albums: Displays all the albums that are included in the id3 of the music files
  • Playlists: Create and suffle through playlists (Work in progress)
  • Artists: View all the artists that came included with the music files' id3 tag
  • Theme manager:
    • Dark and light theme come by default
    • Theme maker to create and use your own theme and you have an option to upload it to the store
  • More coming, if you want a feature implemented feel free to open an issue with a feature request in github: 'https://github.com/Rhyme-Player/App/issues'


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