Regards is a modern photo viewer. Support highDPI definition screen. Support Picture format reading and writing Support Multi Frame picture format Support Video playback Support Diaporama playback Support Exif and xmp file information. Support New Apple Photo format for IOS 11 HEIF multithreading and Exif. Support GPS informations from Photo and Apple Iphone Video. Hi Quality display interpolation. OpenGL Picture display and OpenCL post Effect. Encode Movie Tool.

Picture extension support : pgm, bmp, cut, dds, jxr, pcx, jpg, jpe, jpeg, jfif, jif, jfi, tif, gif, png, tga, pcd, webp, bpg, jp2, jpc, j2c, pgx, ppm, psd, pdd, mng, jng, iff, xpm, ico, cur, ani, svg, nef, crw, cr2, dng, arw, erf, 3fr, dcr, raw, x3f, mef, raf, mrw, pef, sr2, orf, heic, hdr, exr, wbmp, pict, heic, avif, ras, sgi and KOALA;

Multi Frame extension support : png, gif, avif, heic, webp, pdf, tiff

Video extension support : mp4, dat, m4s, vob, mod, mpv2, mp2, m1v, mpe, mpg, mpeg, wtv, dvr-ms, m2ts, m2t, avi, wmv, asf, vm, mov, qt, vp8, vp9, webm, mkv, y4m


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