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Rapunzel is a modern code editor for numerical computing with Python and R.


  • An intuitive workflow
  • Quickly run projects, files, cells, selections, or lines of code
  • Import from and export to Jupyter Notebook
  • Export code, comments, output, and figures to .html, .pdf, or .docx
  • Powerful visual debugging and workspace inspection
  • Experimental support for language servers

This Snap package is bundled with:

  • Commonly used Python libraries for numerical computing (numpy, scipy, datamatrix, pandas), plotting (matplotlib, seaborn), and statistics (statsmodels)
  • Pandoc for exporting code, comments, output, and figures to various formats
  • A Jupyter / IPython console for interactive computing

You can use pip install to install additional packages into the Python environment of this Snap package (by entering !pip3 install [package name] into the console). However, the Snap format is not very suitable for installing additional software. If you want to use Rapunzel in a custom environment, for example with R, please see https://rapunzel.cogsci.nl for different ways of installing Rapunzel.


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