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Puppetry is an open-source scriptless test automation tool built on top of Google’s Puppeteer. It can be used by QA engineers with no programming background. Puppetry can also export the tests into a Jest.js project that can be included into CI/CD pipeline.

Key Features

  • Can be used by QA engineers with no programming background
  • Features Headless Chrome (Puppeteer) and Jest
  • Tests can run within the application as well as to be exported e.g. for CI-server
  • Exporting
    • as Jest.js project, ready to plugin in in CI/CD pipeline
    • as human-readable test specification provided with screenshots per test step.
  • Staging, template variables and expressions
  • Reusable and configurable test scenarios
  • Built-in automation recorder
  • Interactive mode, where one can navigate test steps similar to Cypress
  • Version control (GIT integration)
  • Support Allure test reports
  • Support of distinct testing types:
    • Functional testing
    • Testing Dynamic Content
    • Exhaustive Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • CSS Regression Testing
    • Testing Google Analytics tracking code
    • Testing Chrome Extensions
    • Testing Shadow DOM
    • Testing Transactional Emails.


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