An Ace of Spades 0.75 server based on PySnip

Run your own server compatible with OpenSpades.

Once installed, this snap will auto-start with the two default maps and the default configuration. The server can be managed with the snap command:

** Stop server **

snap stop piqueserver

** Start server **

snap start piqueserver

** Disable server **

snap disable piqueserver

** Re-enable server **

snap enable piqueserver

** Examine logs **

snap logs piqueserver

Configuration is held in /var/snap/piqueserver/common/config.toml, and maps can be placed in /var/snap/piqueserver/common/maps. All other scripts, logs and other game related files can be found in /var/snap/piqueserver/common/ too.

This is an unofficial snap of piqueserver based on the package available via pip.

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