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Pigmeat is a static content publishing tool for the modern web. It takes data in the form of JSON or YAML, plugs it into a Liquid context, wraps it up in some HTML & CSS, and spits out a website that can be hosted on your favorite server. If you don't know what any of that means, it's OK. Point is, it's easy to learn and use. Pigmeat is for corporations, organizations, friends, peers, bloggers, hobbyists, and everyone under the sun.

Pigmeat will get you online

Pigmeat does exactly what it's told. It doesn't have any tricks to learn or exceptions to the rules. It just works. With Pigmeat, there's no more digging through cluttered bits of reused HTML, or updating old databases with strange syntax. You can focus on the only thing that matters to you: being online.


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