pictool is a command line program for manipulating and altering images. It's mostly useful for image metadata manipulation. Here's the currently available commands:

$ pictool -h usage: pictool [-h] {md-tag-list,image-region-add,image-region-remove,gps-set,gps-get,location-set,face- normalize,gps-get-from-query} ...

Working with images and image metadata

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit

sub-command help: {md-tag-list,image-region-add,image-region-remove,gps-set,gps-get,location-set,face-normalize,gps-get-from-query} md-tag-list List all metadata tags for the given picture(s) image-region-add Add image metadata region to the given picture(s) image-region-remove Remove image metadata region gps-set Modify GPS data for the given picture(s). This does not set the GPS data if the picture(s) already contains GPS data. gps-get Show GPS location location-set Set location info based on the available GPS data for the given picture(s). This sets tags like Iptc.Application2.CountryCode face-normalize Normalize faces from images and store results in new images gps-get-from-query Get the GPS coords from a given (address) query. This command does not use any picture(s). It is just a helper.It uses the nominatim service from openstreetmap `

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