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PhotoNoteBook™ is a fully functioning combined photograph and note manager , which was designed with the needs of serious hobby photographers, students and fieldworkers foremost in mind.

The concept behind PhotoNoteBook™ is a fully integrated photo image manager with the ability to combine photos into collections and most importantly, the ability to create, edit and view notes about your photographs and collections of photographs.

The ability of PhotoNoteBook™ to seamlessly combine photographs and notes in an integrated application will bring great benefits not only to serious photographers, but also to hobbyists and fieldworkers, and it can, for example, support student fieldwork in such areas as art, architecture, botany, archaeology – in fact any area where the you may wish to take a photograph and add a note containing user-written details of the photograph for future reference.

The PhotoNoteBook™ application can contain any number of PhotoNoteBooks™ that you choose to create, and you can create a structured library of photographs each with a set of notes that can be used in many different ways for many different purposes. The only limitation is the amount of storage your device has available.

PhotoNoteBook™ can also import photographs directly from digital cameras using the USB connection, and from USB storage "sticks", USB drives, cloud based storage services such as DropBox , and network storage devices.

An entire PhotoNoteBook™ (i.e. a collection of photographs and their associated notes) can be exported along with a contents list, allowing your photographs and the notes to be incorporated into other documents such as reports or web-pages using standard word-processing applications.

To help ensure that you don't lose your precious photographs and notes, PhotoNoteBook™ has simple Backup and Restore functions which enable entire PhotoNoteBooks to be backed up to USB and network storage devices, with photo's and their notes kept together!

PhotoNoteBook™ contains an Operating Manual explaining how the rich features of this application will let you create a fully integrated and managed photograph collection.

PhotoNoteBook™ is a companion application to its Android stablemate with which it can freely exchange photos and note collections using the "Backup" and "Restore" functionality found in both Applications. It can be found on Google Play at:

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