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Pcynlitx is an intelligent IDE that has been developed to simplify multithread software development for the average programmers who have not deep knowledge about concurrent programming. However, Pcynlitx differs from the classical software development environments. In fact, the pcynlitx platform works based on a new revolutionary software development approach. In this approach, the software development processes are carried out in a collaboration that is established between the Pcynlitx IDE and the software developer. More specifically, Pcynlitx IDE offers an interactive software development strategy and Pcynlitx IDE communicates with the software developer over its graphical user interface. Actually, Pcynlitx platform includes sophisticated meta-programming systems and in each Pcynlitx application, the Pcynlitx platform receives the requirements of the software to be developed from its user. Then, Pcynlitx IDE builds a project-specific cybernetic thread management system steering the program flows cybernetically. In other words, for each software project, the Pcynlitx platform builds a new cybernetic thread management system that best fits the programmer's needs. With cybernetic thread management, the programmer gains more control over the threads. Therefore, multithreaded software development with Pcynlitx is easier with respect to the classical approaches. In Pcynlitx applications, every operation is performed through the graphical user interface and the usage of the Pcynlitx platform is easy. On the developer's web site, there are various technical documentations including tutorials about the usage of Pcynlitx, code examples, the structure of Pcynlitx and source code repository.


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