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Easily create strong passwords that were generated completely randomly!

With one click you can create a password that doesn't resemble any common combinations. Especially now, with online banking and regular data transfers via the internet, having secure passwords for your account is more important than it ever was!

The passwords generated by this application are cryptographically safe and even with brute force, they are very unlikely to be cracked. Instead of putting a lot of effort into thinking about possible password combinations that appear to be random, this app is doing the job for you.

Choose your preferences, and all you have to do is clicking a button. The app creates various kinds of passwords, depending on your preferences.

Features: • Very easy to use, only click a button to create a password • Choose which characters your password should contain • Use custom characters that your password can include • All passwords are created randomly • Your passwords are absolutely private and never stored anywhere • Generates passwords with 1 - 99 characters • Multiple or unique character use for passwords • 'Y' and 'Z' can be excluded from your passwords • No internet and storage permissions required • Can easily be used as a random number generator • Light, dark and blank app themes • No Ads and In-App Purchases

Use this app to prevent fatal account breaches and data losses!

Keep your data safe,

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