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Packet Sender is an award-winning open source utility to allow sending and receiving TCP, UDP, and SSL (encrypted TCP) packets. Packet Sender has been featured in university classrooms, large corporations, and hobbyists all over the world. It is now offered to you 100% free and open source as a snap. Happy sending!


  • Controlling network-based devices in ways beyond their original apps
  • Test automation (using its command line tool and/or hotkeys)
  • Testing network APIs (using the built-in TCP, UDP, SSL clients)
  • Malware analysis (using the built-in UDP, TCP, SSL servers)
  • Troubleshooting secure connections (using SSL ).
  • Testing network connectivity/firewalls (by having 2 Packet Senders talk to each other)
  • Stress-testing a device (using intense network generator tool)
  • Tech support (by sending customers a Packet Sender export)
  • Sharing/Saving/Collaboration using the Packet Sender Cloud ( service.


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