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Orange is a neat, simple yet feature rich, privacy focused SoundCloud Player and SoundCloud Downloader application available for Linux Platform.

Main Features:

  • Orange give you complete SoundCloud Experience, you can sign-in to your account and Download or Play content straight from your collection.
  • Orange persists users settings without needing to SignUp or SignIn for a SoundCloud account .
  • Orange comes with built-in lightweight yet powerful Ad-blocker which was designed to block annoying SoundCloud ads without slowing down the experience.
  • Orange has option to block SoundCloud's nasty Loggers and trackers.
  • Orange allows you to disable loading of comments on tracks.
  • Orange cares for your privacy, It comes with App screen Lock feature, which prevent anyone one from gaining access to your Application/Account without your passcode.
  • Orange has its own Download Manager, which allows you to download media in any format you want, You can also resume the downloads even after years.
  • You can download and listen Audio of any Track in 7 audio formats (mp3, aac, m4a, opus, flac, wav, and vorbis).
  • Orange also have its own media player inbuilt.
  • Orange saves your last visited page and allow you to restore it even after app shutdowns.
  • Orange take less RAM (230 Mb max) and is lighter in memory footprint then SoundCloud tab opened in Chrome(360 Mb+) or Firefox(358 Mb+) .
  • Orange seperate your SoundCloud browsing data from rest of your browsing data and keeps it inside container,so no other services can have access to it. Hence cannot use your data show you advertisements.
  • Orange exposes options to manage application Cache and Cookie to users.
  • Orange will bring many more exciting features in near future, spread the name and the app with your friends, family and colleagues .


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