Set of tools to help debugging Openstack problems. There are two classes of tools; api and agent. Api tools are run against Openstack apis i.e. as a client and agent tools are run on the host running a particular agent.

NOTE: agent tools will not currently complete successfully when run in the snap since snapd interfaces do not yet support access required to complete checks. Then can however be run directly by executing manually e.g. /snap/openstack-toolkit/current/neutron/


sudo snap install openstack-toolkit

You might need to connect some interfaces depending on the tool being run. Check what's available with:

snap interfaces openstack-toolkit

Usage Examples:

Run the following to check your Octavia load balancers:

openstack-toolkit.octavia --ensure-member-sg-rules

Run the following to check your Neutron L3HA routers:

openstack-toolkit.neutron --check-l3ha-router-status


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