OpenCorsairLink is a command-line tool to monitor and control the fan speed, LED colour and pump volumes of specific Corsair power supplies and cooling solutions.

To allow this snap access to your device(s), issue the following connection commands:

$ sudo snap connect opencorsairlink:raw-usb
$ sudo snap connect opencorsairlink:hardware-observe


To set your own custom fan curve for a specific set of temperatures, use the following command:

$ sudo opencorsairlink --device 1 --fan channel=1,mode=6,temps=0:35:45:50:55:60,speeds=0:0:55:60:75:100

To set LED colors and mode:

$ sudo opencorsairlink --device 0 --led channel=0,mode=0,colors=00FF00

To set pump cooling mode:

$ sudo opencorsairlink --device 0 --pump mode=5

OpenCorsairLink is unofficial and is not endorsed or affiliated with Corsair.

General options:

LED (--led) options: (after specifying a device):


Fan (--fan) options: (after specifying a device):


Pump (--pump) options: (after specifying a device): -mode=:

Without options, OpenCorsairLink will show the status of any detected Corsair Link device.


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