ssh tunnel with built in ssh server. It can be run stand alone as ssh-tunnel and bind on local ssh server. Or it can be used as boilerplate to be added into own snap to enable remote application debugging without reliance on system ssh server. At which point ssh session runs confined in host snap context.

At install ssh key is generated and stored to configurations: $ snap get ondra-snap-ssh-debug ssh-tunnel.local.ssh-pub-key add this to your remove server to allow auto connection.

By default ssh tunnel and ssh server are disabled: To configure ssh tunnel, use following configuration (with own values): $ snap set ondra-snap-ssh-debug ssh-tunnel='{ "remote": {"target": "", "forwarding-port": "2020", "remote.ssh-port": "22", "user": "ubuntu" }, "local": { "address": "localhost"}}'

To use built in ssh server, use following example: $ snap set ondra-snap-ssh-debug ssh-tunnel.local.port=2040 $ snap set ondra-snap-ssh-debug ssh-server='{ "enabled": "true", "authorized-keys" : "ssh-rsa AAAA<MY SSH public key>== ondrej.kubik"}'

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