Arcus is a lightweight proxy to the Snap Store for your snap devices. Once installed and configured, your devices can be configured to talk to the Snap Store via Arcus. Arcus caches downloaded snaps, and acts as a single point of egress from your network.


Install the ols-arcus snap and run:

ols-arcus.arcus register https://my.arcus.internal

to register and configure your arcus instance. After that's done, client device configuration instructions will be printed out. Run

ols-arcus.arcus register --help

for details on the register command arguments.


tls sub-command can be used to manage the TLS certificate used by arcus to encrypt traffic it receives from client devices. The registration command, generates a self signed certificate for arcus, if the registered arcus location is an HTTPS location. This certificate can be changed or exported as needed using the tls command. tls --off and tls --on can be used to disable/enable TLS.


status command will print out the most essential information about the running Arcus instance.


configure command can be used for finer grade management of configuration options.

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